Going in Circles

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Happy Birthday, Sheila. Thanks for always being in my corner. 

Still digging and thawing out from the winter storm – snow, ice, wind, melt, freeze, snow, ice, wind, melt, freeze…it’s more like a winter menace than a winter storm. Tiring but nature at its best, I guess. 

Light day on the racing front, a few races from Exeter and a few from Parx. Chalk and cheese. 

ST 2022 meeting at 1:00. SOTA meeting at 2:00.

I finished a story about Cordmaker for Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred yesterday, catching up with my old friend Matt McCarron, a former two-time champion jockey. The 50-year-old Marylander says he’s retiring from galloping horses this year. Says he’s too old to be riding. 

Aren’t we all? 

“I’m retiring at the end of February, I can’t ride to save my life anymore. I’ve been wanting to retire for six months but I promised them I’d stay until March,” McCarron said. “I just hang on for dear life. Like the old says of waterskiing everything. Just try to appease him and make him happy.”

Asked who the 12-time winning 7-year-old reminded him of from his racing days, McCarron hesitated, contemplated. 

“Most of the horses I rode in races, I didn’t gallop them. Hirapour to some degree, he was very particular about his ways and he could pull like a freight train,” McCarron said of the 2004 champion. “Cordie, you can finagle him enough that he’ll come back. If Hirapour decided he had enough of you, that was it, there was no choice. Similar in that as long as they had their routine, as long as they got their way, they’re great.”

Aren’t we all?

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