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“It’s a triangle, like a perferct triangle.”

That’s how my friend Jonathan Thorne described the route from Middleburg to Lexington to Saratoga. I had looked at the map, and yes, it’s a perfect triangle. Geometry wasn’t my thing in school (what was?) but he’s right, it looks like a triangle, a perfect triangle. I’m at the bottom of the triangle and will begin to backtrack to Middleburg, so, actually, I’m not completing the triangle, more like a dog leg. To Saratoga tomorrow. When we complained about not having enough to do during the pandemic, I guess, this is what we meant. Horse sales. Races. Action. I’m not complaining.

Two horses purchased Monday. Opening Day Thursday. Travel Days Tuesday and Wednesday. The car is gassed up, Mingua Brothers Beef Jerkey, water, iced coffee, John Prine on the radio. A quick stop for West Sixth for Tom and The Special crew, then Middleburg to pack and say goodbye to Annie and Miles. Saratoga tomorrow. 

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