Friday Night Lights

- -

Racing Weekend. Feels good to print out the form, find the NSA hang tag, the horseman buttons, the binoculars, polish the boots, check the weather forecast, gas up the car and fire up Waze. Limited attendance and definitely a different vibe, but it’s a start, a restart of our lives. Our racing lives.

Grand National tomorrow and Loudoun Hunt Point-to-Point Sunday. Three runners for Riverdee. 

Baseball game Saturday night. Coach Sean will be late with the late post time at the Grand National. Miles practiced his pitching yesterday, his sidearm southpaw starting to become more consistent. I’m Googling “Building a pitcher’s mound” to help out. Should be a fun project and an easy one, considering the backyard looks like Caddyshack at the moment. We have dirt. We have equipment. We’ll soon have a mound. 

Check out our picks. Check out The Saturday Special. Enjoy your weekend. 

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