Four Days to go…

- -

The fifth at Plumpton. False start. 

“Oh, let em go, they never get better…” 

Nobody’s fault today.

Christmas looms. Car not packed. Stockings not hung. The live Christmas tree which fell off the truck now lives(?) outside, trying to reintroduce the haggard looking beauty to the cold, a thread of needles from living room to the tractor shed. Don’t tell Steve Byk. If you were listening to his show last week, you’ll know what I mean. 

Road trip tomorrow. I want to take Annie and Miles to the tornado-ravaged plains of Kentucky. Places like Muhlenberg County which John Prine wrote about so, so many years ago. Just to gain some perspective on life. Appreciate what you have. Don’t lament what you don’t have. Yes, easy to say, harder to do. 

Full Of Light won the fifth at Plumpton. 

Enjoy your day. Full of Light. It’s all we’ve got. 

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