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This is ultimately what has been missing for the last year. Urgency. The sense of urgency when deadlines loom. Travel stress. The sense of pressure right before a trip. I feel both. Working the sales at Arqana, Tattersalls and Fasig Tipton, juggling walking videos, race replays, clients’ wants and needs. Beyond that, the daily rituatls and tasks. And on top of that, heavily on top, is the looming presence of Saratoga. This did not loom last year. 

It’s good to be busy. 

Remind me of that next week when I’m meant to be in Lexington Monday and Saratoga Wednesday. I’ve looked at the map, Lexington is definitely not a shortcut from Middleburg to Saratoga. Buy a few horses, win a few races, sell a few ads, that helps the route. 

We’ll make it work. 

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