Corn-fed, grand stamp, snaffle-mouthed…

- -

A friend of mine once asked me if I ever sold a horse. I said, “Of course.” Then, he said, “Then I don’t trust you.”

With that in mind, I just perused the Tattersalls Ireland Ascot catalogue, scheduled for Feb. 23, and read the comments on the pedigree pages. Classic lines produced by the owners or trainers of the horses, they make you want to hitch the trailer and go to the sale. Now, I wonder which ones we can trust?

“Good to catch, clip, box and shoe.”

“Grand stamp, who has been corn fed all his life, very quiet to handle but unbroken.”

“…cantering and making a nice shape over poles. Only for sale as owner retiring.”

“Real scope in his jump and having been left to mature is ready to go and do a job.”

“Owner overstocked.”

“…has not proved ideal for amateur owner/trainer. Thought sure to progress back in professional hands.”

“He is kind and easy to do in the stable, travels in a trailer and is a super jumper. He has been hunted and taken on a hunt ride by girls this season proving to be a well-mannered, snaffle mouthed hunter. Sound, fit and ready to go.”

 “…she is a pleasure to do in all respects.”

“A very easy horse to do and a pleasure to own.”

“The perfect gentleman who jumps and stays and gives his all every time. 100% sound in wind and limb.”