Building Permit

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Hammers hammer. Diggers dig. Truckers truck.

House renovation. The ultimate personality shaker, relationship tester, is underway. 

Today we talked about amps to and from the generator, brush strokes in the fireplace mortar, plastic-sheet walls, gas-line ditches, code and against code, junction box to the switch box to the fuse box. To name a few topics…issues, snafus, problems, concerns, puzzles.

Bounced completely back from the vaccine, posted another 3 miles yesterday to climb above 206 in the iRun Local Challenge. Well behind schedule but still within the realm. Stuck on eight books in the 52 Book Challenge, as I wade through Brave New World. I’ve always said I need pressure, these two hobbies are starting to feel like pressure. 

Charlie LoPresti retired. A quiet end to a stellar career. The writing was on the wall as his stock dwindled since the heyday of Wise Dan, Successful Dan, Turallure and Here Comes Ben. In the realm of trainers, I wonder if anybody won more championships, more stakes, with fewer championship, stakes, opportunities (i.e. horses who actually had the ability to be champion, to win stakes) than LoPresti. Another little guy fazed out of in an ever-reducing sport. 

Read a few of our highlights with LoPresti over the years. 

Dan’s Day. 

Super Dan. 

4-Star Dan. 

Wise Dan ready for action. 

Hello again, catching up with Charlie LoPresti. 

Motivational Speaker. 

Hello, friend. Visiting Wise Dan.