Sure signs of Saratoga

- -

The serious countdown to Opening Day at Saratoga is in full swing. Probably safe to say it’s been in fast motion for the last few weeks, but after Tuesday it’s single digit days remaining until the 40-day meeting gets underway.

Where’s the time gone? Hard to believe it’s that time again.

Sure signs that we’re on the doorstep of Saratoga are popping up everywhere here in upstate New York.

The gentle hum of window unit air conditioners is omnipresent if you take a just-after-dusk walk around town.

Numerous road construction projects are wrapping up, or at least getting close to wrapping up.

Horse van traffic is picking up on Union, Nelson and East Avenues.

The Fasig-Tipton grounds are looking better and better every day.

Human traffic – already pretty strong all spring – is starting to get heavy.

Grass is being cut, flower gardens tended and landscape spruced up. Mulch, mulch, mulch.

Articles are popping up online telling people where they should eat, drink and hang out when they’re in town.

The cable and Internet are on at our seasonal office here at 112 Spring Street.

The first cheers – for Riverdee Stable’s Yellow Mountain when he finished second in a 2 1/16-mile maiden hurdle at Parx – could be heard from said office just at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Ten jugs of water and the water cooler showed up this morning. The first glass of the cold stuff sits on my desk in a souvenir pint glass from last weekend’s Boilermaker 15k road race in Utica.

Wonder how long it’ll be before what’s supposed to be in the glass will actually be in the glass?

Since the fridge is still in the storage unit out in Wilton, maybe until the end of the week, I’ll put the over-under at a week.

Any takers?