Sunny Saratoga

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The calendar reads December 10. It feels more like October 10, or maybe April 10. Regardless we’ll take it here in upstate New York, where we gutted out a brutal winter that started before Thanksgiving 2014 and extended until nearly April this year.

Winter is definitely coming a little later this time around and for the most part everyone doesn’t seem to mind. A short walk in downtown Saratoga Springs saw sweaters tied around waists and slung over shoulder bags, men without jackets, women in flip-flops and even a teenager with a sleeveless top that was quickly covered up 20 yards away from the car.

Thursday’s sunny day is not expected to be the last one either, with a forecast calling for temperatures into the low 60s later this week. It goes without saying that a forecast like that is a far cry from the last two winters. In 2013 the temperatures were close to 0 degrees while we spent Thanksgiving weekend in Woodstock, Vt., and last year there was about 10 inches of snow on the ground when we ran the Turkey Trot here in Saratoga.

So what does it all mean?

Are we setting ourselves up for massive disappointment (or perhaps glee if you’re into the froze, fluffy white stuff) when it inevitably arrives?

Are we destined for a shorter winter?

I’ve got to go with the latter. Even though we could still get snow in April or even May, the winter of 2015-’16 will undoubtedly be shorter here in upstate New York than the last few years. We’ll be breaking out those flip-flops for good and putting those jackets and coats in the closet.

And just think, we’re only a little more than four months out from offseason training at the Oklahoma and a shade more than seven months until Opening Day at Saratoga Race Course.

Better book those reservations.