Spanning the Globe

- -

Hard to pack for this one. England for three days of the Tattersalls Horses in Training Sale and California for two days of the Breeders’ Cup. They say it’s raining in England. Shocker, I know. They say it’s sunny in California, yes, another shocker.

I did this last year, too. Wish somebody would add another week in October, so I could repack in between.

Hate to say it, but it feels dull to go back to Santa Anita again for the Breeders’ Cup. They’re starting to run together which was not the point of the Breeders’ Cup. Love Santa Anita, but racing can’t become a routine. That’s when it becomes work. And dull.

First stop, Tattersalls. Second stop, Breeders’ Cup. Horses to see. Orders to fill. Flat and jump.