Thoughts for Friday

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Condolences and congratulations. Another board meeting. It seems when you reach 40 (or so), you get elected to boards. A lot of boards. As Dale Thiel said, “You can’t complain if you don’t get involved.” I have now done both – complain and get involved.

Just wrote a feature on Paddy Young for the Irish Field. It was meant to be 750 words. I handed them 1,149. That’s what happens when you win five championships (Paddy, not me).

My friend George Baker is busy sprucing up his indoor riding ring to host his open day Sunday. I should be there. But, I have obligations here. Buy the Christmas tree. Feed the fish. Read J.K. Rowling and C. S. Lewis (would I be more successful if I went by S.W. Clancy…?).

In other news, Kent Desormeaux irked another trainer. Jeremy Noseda. Classic argument, hung out to dry for the international media. Not surprising. I have learned that “Kiss my ass,” is said more lightly in America than in England.

The Racing Post informed me it’s Jody Petty’s birthday today. He turns 44. Also, Helen Alexander and Hywel Davies. Happy Birthday.

And in the “One of these Days” category, I’m researching fox hunting in Alabama over Christmas. Anybody game?