One from the archives. Who said it?

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Thursday morning, I went in search of…looking for an article I had written in The Saratoga Special one summer. That’s the problem, I know I wrote it one summer, just don’t know which summer. There are 13 to choose from…I went in the closet and found my old iBook G4. It hadn’t been turned on in years. Wow, my life, my work, my loves, my losses…my horrible organization. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, but found this excerpt. Classic. Name who said it and I’ll send you a Saratoga Special hat, a 5-dollar bill and a jar of Kentucky Derby dirt.

“Too many options, the racing’s gone downhill. It’s a bad precedent to write five and a half furlongs. If we didn’t have five and a half, we’d have to run a mile, and people used to run at a mile.

“Numbers are running the game right now. Six maiden races in a row? The biggest problem with racing, not only in New York but all over the country, they give too many options, too many different kinds of races. If they only had certain races, people would have to run in those races, they’d run, you’d get fuller fields. Now you sit and wait, before you ran in the mile or you didn’t run.

“If I was racing secretary I wouldn’t write any of those half races, five and a half, six and a half, none of that…six furlongs, seven furlongs, a mile and an eighth. You’d stop people from waiting, I can’t go six, I can’t go seven.

“Too many maiden claiming races. You write one maiden claimer. And I’d never write maiden claimers on the grass. I run in them too, because they’re here, but I should be shipping horses like that out of here, running them cheap somewhere else.

“I think the fans would eventually like it too. You’d have more than six horses if they stopped giving trainers all these options. I’m not saying it’s only in New York, it’s all over the country. California is the same thing, you’ve got maiden 25, maiden 32, maiden 40, maiden 50…too many options, too many different spots. Don’t give em all the options.”