My Fantasy Nightmare Stable

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I think it was my idea and it went something like this: “Hey, remember that My Fantasy Stable game ad we ran in Saratoga? Why don’t we play? Start a league, get the boys and a few other people. It will be fun.”

Now look.

I’m in sixth place in a contest led by an 11-year-old whose stable, and Twitter account, are named after a pony. The pony, who goes by Eddie and hasn’t been ridden in months, looks a little like Get Stormy – and perhaps that’s rubbing off on his rider Nolan Clancy’s My Fantasy Stable squad called Eddie’s Energetics. The Energetics have earned $851,204.30 and lead seven others in the game by at least $600,000. The big lead came courtesy of the 1-2 finish by Will Take Charge and Oxbow in the Rebel over the weekend. Nolan also “owns” Tampa Bay Derby winner Hear The Ghost plus recent allowance winner War Academy.

Don’t get me started about War Academy. Here’s all you need: “Dad, did you know Mike Smith called War Academy’s his Kentucky Derby horse.”

I do now, Nolan.

For the record, Eddie’s Energetics includes Oxbow, Will Take Charge, War Academy, Vegas No Show, Escapefromreality, Long River, Shakin It Up, Transparent, Hear The Ghost and Itsmyluckyday. Expert Jude Feld ranked 125 Triple Crown-eligible 3-year-olds for My Fantasy Stable, and Nolan somehow drafted four of the top 15 and five of the top 22. The humans on the team are jockeys John Velazquez and Jose Lezcano and trainers Wayne Lukas and Kiaran McLaughlin.

To make matters worse, or better depending on who you’re rooting for, Nolan is actually paying attention, moving horses in and out of his starting gate (only five of the 10 are active at one time) and reading up on the next starts of his squad.  And sending me updates via Twitter and text – Saturday, I got a text “I went 1-2 in the Rebel!” while at a St. Patrick’s Day party; today, I saw a tweet between @eddiethepony, @oxbowcolt and @willtakecharge. Wonderful.

How’s my stable doing? Not so good. Dadofthree Farm has earned $74,008.25 – good for sixth place of eight players in the league. I’m led by trainer Todd Pletcher and Joel Rosario, and the humans only get 10 percent of horse earnings. My equines are the razor-sharp choices Indy’s Illusion, Doherty and Treasury Bill – all at less than $10,000 in earnings this year. I’ve already put one horse on waivers (and picked up Rydilluc, with an eye on the Blue Grass) and have another teed up (though I’m wrestling with the decision).

My stable consists of: Uncaptured, Treasury Bill, Fortify, Zeewat, Power Broker, Rydilluc, Indy’s Illusion, Doherty, He’s Had Enough and Always In A Tiz. My humans are Pletcher and Rosario, who have been money so far, plus Gary Stevens (going to have to pick up someone else for Dubai World Cup weekend) and Dale Romans.

March is no time to panic in a game based on races by 3-year-olds through the Belmont Stakes, but I’m going to have to channel Concern if I’m going to catch Eddie’s Energetics. Any and all advice appreciated.

For the record, the league standings go like this:

Eddie’s Energetics: $851,204.30.

Jack’s Stable: Managed by No. 2 son Jack Clancy, age 17: $218,150.

What’s A Horse?: $132.369.50. Stable manager Rocco Defelice (like Jack a junior at Elkton High) gets credit for best stable motto: “How do I horse? Is it dangerous.”

Ryan’s Stable: $100,680. Managed by oldest son Ryan Clancy, 19. He’s a sophomore at University of Maryland who chose some of his stable based on horses he’s tried to walk.

Saratoga TL: $80,005.50. Managing editor Tom Law owns this squad and is a threat based on his years in the business and time as a public handicapper. But can he catch an 11-year-old?

Dadofthree Farm: $74,008.25. That’s me and I’m in deep water.

Riverdee: $37,067. Managed by Sean Clancy, who might actually have the best stable (Orb, anyone?). Still, he’s a writer and bloodstock agent and he’s $800,000 behind a middle-schooler.

The DJ Bardens: $0.00. Another high school junior, the guy is like an unruly 2-year-old – he won’t load. If he ever gets his horses (Vyjack, Overanalyze, Palace Malice) in the starting gate, he could be a contender.

No matter what happens from here, and you can follow eddie for play-by-play, we’d all recommend My Fantasy Stable highly. The concept is great, the strategy is challenging, and it sure makes you pay attention to the Derby preps. You can still star a league of your own and get in on the fun.

Just look out for Eddie.


To start your own stable, see My Fantasy Stable.