Morning Thoughts

- -

Preakness hangover over. Fair Hill come and gone. Riverdee had a winner. There is nothing like a winner. Saratoga looming. Belmont still to come. Shug’s bullish on Orb, surprising. New horse coming tomorrow. Need to raise money. Animal Kingdom’s work blowing up Twitter. Book tickets to Ascot.


Miles sleeping. Coffee brewing. Fish are fed. Can’t find cat. Kitchen light stayed on all night. Wish Mom and Dad lived around the corner. Haven’t run in months. Car’s a mess. Miles’ recital today. Full signal loss on Dish. Put it on the list. Tomato plants dead. Corn struggling. Strawberries trying. Some garden.

No rain ahead. Damn it goes fast. Zeke Ferguson next Saturday. Maiden too. The Belmont Stakes and Upperville Horse Show too. I’ll miss Miles in lead line – again. Michele Bachmann retired. Go Pacers. Go Blackhawks. Goodbye Hollywood Park. Only went once. Skip Away. Countess Diana. Favorite Trick. Ajina.

Time is precious. Travel when you’re young. Grass grows. Geese have landed. White Man swats flies. Blue weaves. Feed is dumped. Legs checked. Sun’s out. Looks hot. Going to gallop one and view four this morning. Where are my boots? Helmet? Chaps? Out the door.