Monday Putts

- -

“There are no gimme putts, but each way chances…”

That’s how George Baker described his four runners today, including one Riverdee hope, Alcatraz, in Windsor’s 7:35. Oh, to be at Windsor for its evening card…

After watching the U.S. Open last night, gimme putts appear even more daunting, more difficult. Dustin Johnson lost his chance at winning or tying the U.S. Open when needing three tries to get the pesky ball in the illusive cup at the final hole. Golf might be the most taxing sport there is, not physically, but mentally. So much time to think, so much error caused in the slightest waver. Johnson continued his battle with the game, the demons of the game. 

As for Alcatraz, it’s not a gimme putt. They don’t exist.