Monday Morning Derby

- -

Home from another Derby voyage. Deep breath. Regroup. Unpack. Iroquois Steeplechase on the horizon. Better get to the cleaners for a quick turnaround. I came home with four programs, three hit the trash and one hit the mementos pile. Spring time in racing, no rest. 

They call the Derby the greatest two minutes in sports. Good thing, because you climb a mountain to getting to the two minutes and slide down the other side after the two minutes. This year, 170,000+ people showed up to revel in the two minutes. Churchill Downs was packed, drunken revelers everywhere. Being on the radio all day Friday and Saturday, my patience is tested by the drunken revelers.

At the end of the day, I climbed into an elevator to climb to the seventh floor, a drunken reveler climbed in next to me, regaling himself with his betting exploits, “I took five thousand from Churchill Downs. Five thousand.” I wanted to punch him, knock his straw hat and his souvenir Derby glass to the floor. Then he reached into his pocket and fumbled with his wallet, a credit card fell on the floor, a business card, then he fished a crisp $100 bill from the melee and handed it to the elevator operator.

“Here, it’s my last 100 bill before I cash this ticket,” he said. “Hope you had a great day.”

Winifred Lee smiled.

I didn’t want to punch him.

– In other news, Clancy Bloodstock provided three winners over the weekend as Cornhusker, Sharp Numbers and Brave Prospect scored over jumps. We’ll take it.