Prine on writing

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Want to become a better writer? Better storyteller? Better songwriter? Better anything?

Listen to one of the best.

Thankfully I came across this interview with living legend John Prine this afternoon. If you don’t know John Prine do yourself a favor, take a crash course and listen to his songs and absorb the words. Your world will change.

He talked about writing during the interview, about the process and basically came up with a similar sentiment that most writers believe: we don’t really like writing but we like when we’re immersed in the process and definitely enjoy being done with writing.

And he described one way to do it.

“To me what a writer does is just look around you, you don’t have to make up stuff, if you just take down the bare description of what’s going on and not try and over-describe something then it leaves space for the reader or the listener to fill in their experience. Then they become part of it.”