370 to go

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Three quarters down, one to go. Minus five days of course.

That’s the situation here Wednesday, Oct. 6, with the runs more regular and 1,000-Mile Challenge presented by iRun Local seemingly within reach.

Seemingly being the key word.

Through 278 of the 365 days of 2021 the mileage counter reads 630, leaving 370 to be run to reach the goal we set back in late December. Like I wrote in early January, “every year the goal stays the same. Get in better shape, put in 100 miles a month and make it 1,200 (or more) for the year.”

A little further down there was a mention off the wheels coming off around the Saratoga meet. Well, the wheels came off, went back on again, came off and went back on again.

So that leaves 630 miles in the training log. Actually 630.5, but we’ll round down – always round down runners.

How’s the year gone? January wasn’t great, with only 54.8 miles, followed by 66.9 in February. Things picked up in March, with 125.4 miles – now you’re talking – and the presence of the Big Turtle 10-mile Trail Race in Morehead, Ky., looming in late April. A half marathon and the Big Turtle helped a 75.3-mile April before the Triple Crown derailed things in May with only 50.3 miles. Through five months the tally was 373 miles. That’s only 627 for seven months, or about 90 a month.

Then June came in at 64.3, leaving 437.3 for the first half of the year.

Uh oh, crunch time all of a sudden and Saratoga right around the corner.

Predictably, July and August didn’t go that well. Only 29.8 for July and 47 for August made it 504.5 for the first eight months of 2021. Halfway, yippee.

There’s only one way to get through the second half – lace up the shoes and put in the work.

September did the trick – 92 miles, compared to just 27 last year – and things at least feel back on track.

Next week’s Bourbon Chase – with runs of 12.2, 4.5 and 3.8 miles (that’s 20.5) – will help the cause, along with training for the Phunt 25k Trail Race in mid-January at Fair Hill. But it’s still 370 to go for the year, an average of 123 a month or, gasp, 4.25 a day. It sure would feel better if the tally was 270 to go, when those numbers would “only” be 90 and 3.1.

No sense dwelling on that now, there are miles to run. See you out there.


So how’s everyone else doing?

Joe Clancy leads the main ST Publishing trio with 698.9, which puts him at just about 100 miles a month the rest of the way to get there. Sean Clancy, who put in work late in the Saratoga meet to get back on track only to be derailed of late by a nagging injury, has 449.

Ryan Clancy leads the way with 1,209.9 through Tuesday, the lone challenger so far to top the target. Jessica Paquette, currently on the mend from surgery for her broken back, racked up 949 before her unlucky accident last month. Once out of the brace she hopes to resume some light activity, and we’re confident she’ll hit the mark.

Megan Wordelmann sits at 994 and will top the mark Wednesday no doubt, while Nolan Clancy won’t be far behind with his 881.1 total.

Paul Halloran opted to get his miles in on his rowing machine and checks in at 635; I can help him with the math. Brent Harris, our man to the north and annual supplier of Alexander Keith’s IPA, has 536.5.

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