Happy New Year

- -

Glad that’s over. Christmas is gone, New Year’s Eve complete. The only thing left to do is drag the Christmas tree to the woods and pay the credit card bills. The former is bittersweet, the latter is bitter. But think of all the fun we had.

We spent a week in Birmingham or as I like to say, spent a year one week in Birmingham. Home now. A few more relatives to see, gifts to give, then I guess it will be over. When I was a kid, Christmas came and went in a day. Now, it drags on for weeks. Fortunately, Santa Claus found Miles in Alabama and Virginia. Unfortunately – at least for the elves who did all the work, he played with a lint brush as much as any of his toys. Life with a 6-year-old. And, yes, you are officially old when you receive a lint brush in your stocking. A lint brush? Fa la la la.

We planned ahead and ordered presents online months before Christmas, then left them at home when we traveled to Birmingham. I guess we are ahead for next year, or this year, whichever way you want to look at it.

Three New Year’s resolutions – write more, read more, win more.