Halfway there

- -

Five nights down, five nights to go.

Such is the scenario right now at this moment, sitting in suburban Cincinnati readying to trek south to Lexington.

The first three nights of this late April-early May part-work, part-pleasure trip were spent in Champaign-Urbana, getting primed for and ultimately running in the Illinois Marathon and Half Marathon. The day proved a bit warmer than a couple of now Northeasterners were really ready for. The best quote came from our host, Kentuckian Kelly McAninch, after seeing us getting a little washy around mile 3. “You guys definitely looked a little more sweaty than the other runners,” she said.

So that half (for me) and the full (for my wife) didn’t turn out as well as we’d hoped but we finished, had a great time and geared up for the next stop on the trip.

Trekked down from CU to Cincinnati to see the in-laws Sunday to Tuesday, hit a couple local spots for food and libations (the race is over, after all), didn’t brave the elements for the Reds-Cubs game Monday night and got back to the grind Tuesday morning. We’ll be back in Cincinnati Friday afternoon, probably after a stop at Still Water Farm to see friends, Belterra Park (think River Downs) to see the new place and gear up for Saturday’s Kentucky Derby.

The 140th Derby will be the first for the in-laws, so that will be enjoyable and interesting to say the least.

So we’re headed to Lexington now, squatting at friend and co-Eclipse Award winner Greg Charkoudian’s pad in Chevy Chase and meeting Bourbon Chase teammates later today. The alarm will ping early Wednesday, when the real reason for the season hits home. It’ll be I-64 to Louisville and Churchill Downs, where Derby and Oaks horses, horsemen and stories to be written await.

It’s just another stop on this journey, but a big one to say the least.

See you on the road.