Goodbye from Presque Isle Downs

- -

This has to be the best goodbye from any racing office in history. Printed on the second-to-last overnight of the meet, it makes you want to run a horse at the western Pennsylvania oval. As Mario Pino said the other day, “It’s time to go.”

They say that all good things must end, someday, autumn leaves must fall, but don’t you know that it hurts us so to say good bye to you?? Wish you didn’t have to go?.. Oh no, no, no and when the rain beats against the window pane, we’ll think of summer days again and dream of you. (Please excuse my awkward paraphrasing of a Summer Song). The falling leaves will soon become falling snow, and we know you all have somewhere else to go, even if it is just to get away.

It seems that the time goes by so quickly, it is hard for us to believe the day will soon come when we will not have entries to take, or programs to put together. We will not have to hurry to proof pages of information to meet a deadline. We will only have a few days left to express our appreciation to you all: trainers, owners, jockeys, fellow team members.

We keep you with us after you leave whether you think so or not. Some thoughts are happy and make us smile, while others put us in a melancholy state but still thinking about you will help to warm the cold days to come in Erie. You hold a warm place in our hearts and that will help get us through the 12+ feet of snow we expect to have this winter.

As you pack up to leave, please take a bit of us and Presque Isle Downs with you in your heart and remember Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, all you have to do is call, you’ve got friends at Presque Isle Downs.

We will be watching for you on the simulcasts.

Good Luck, God Bless and Be Safe!