Cup of Coffee: Chatter

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Emails. Texts. Quotes. Conversations.

I talk to more people in a day here than I do in a week at home. Sometimes, you simply have to empty the phone, the laptop, the voice recorder.

I’m a lucky man in too many ways to number…my horse is ok…yesterday went dark for me at 1:00 or so…5 am today woke up around normal time…talked to my roommates…don’t remember what about…you can see how the old timers might have been back at it today…maybe I’m just that out of it but I think I could have…woke up to find so many people around me that were concerned…from my perspective, it’s not a big deal…I can shake it in a day or so…I don’t like doing it to my people…dinner tonight feels like a fairly normal affair…life tomorrow hopefully will too…thanks to all that reached out or even thought kindly of me or my horse…I’ll see you at work tomorrow.

– Arch Kingsley, sent Friday morning, a day after being concussed in the first race Thursday.

Then there was these jump jocks, I went into the hot box, these guys were big, I don’t want to start any trouble with these guys.

 – Jockey Mike Smith, on his first time to Saratoga

I have been reading your periodical with great interest each day. Being an old newspaper person, I congratulate you and your staff for the interesting and professional articles. Your recap of the Fasig Tipton sales from 1963, 1973 and 1983 bring back many memories for me. It was back in the sixties that I became involved with Fasig, not on the horse side, but on the horsepower side – the valet service out front. Such memories include Mrs. Payson, Sonny Werblin, Col. Cloyce Tippett, CV Whitney, The Van Clief family, Laddie Dance, Ogden Phipps, John Nerud, Woody Stephens, Mollie Wilmot. And jockeys Baeza, Ycaza, Sellers, Woodhouse, Boland, Blum, etc., and so many others that appeared at the sales and the parties. I mention this only to let you know that the valet service I was part of became a business to my son Dave, when I stepped away from it after 30 years of providing Fasig with the service as well as many other parties (Casino, Whitney, Dance Museum, Hall of Springs, etc) throughout the city during August and year round. Some might find the historical factor interesting and something that might tug at the memories from the past. Continue the great job and many years of success.

– R. David Cherry, a reader

Twinkle, twinkle, little starfish, how who I wonder what you are. Down came low at the bottom of the sea, like a diamond in the sea, twinkle twinkle little starfish, how I wonder what you are.

– Miles Clancy, when asked to sing a song

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading The Saratoga Special online every day down here in Philly. You guys do a simply outstanding job on zero sleep and mucho stress. The Special is my lifeline for what’s happening. I think my favorite section is the Worth Repeating quotes. I try to read the origin underneath first ­- makes the quote even funnier or sharper. Could you ever reverse the order? As an Edgar Prado fan forever, I particularly enjoyed your recent piece on him. You captured the depth of his integrity and class as a man and as a jockey. If I had maidens, I’d pick Edgar every time to ride them to give a positive experience. Anyway, having been hooked on The Special from back in 2001 when you guys were in that room on Broadway with the pizza boxes and piles of stuff everywhere, I feel a bit like a proud aunt seeing how far and well you have come. The paper is now truly a Saratoga tradition ­­- just great!

– Della Micah, longtime reader of The Special

Chief would say, ‘Ok, down the left side, cut across the middle, fall down and say, Oh ****, then they’ll forget about you, then stand up and I’ll hit you.’

– Leah Gyarmati, about playing touch football with Allen Jerkens and crew

It rewards you, it’s what you’re hoping for all the time. You want it to happen, we never give up, we always think we’re going to find perfection. I’m one of those people, I’m surprised when things go wrong, I expect them to go right.

– Trainer Steve Asmussen, after winning the Vanderbilt with Justin Phillip

John Shirreffs said to me more than once, ‘You know I looked at that horse in California and thought what’s the big deal? He’s a pretty horse, but he’s not like something that looking at him, you think he’s a stone cold runner. But when you see him run and you watch him work, then you get a real appreciation for him.

– Trainer Charlie LoPresti after Wise Dan won the Fourstardave