Closing day

- -

One day left in the temporary six-month rental that turned into the rental for more than eight and the place is littered with stuff.

Plenty’s been written and spoken through the years about the amount of stuff one accumulates over a lifetime so I won’t try to add to the list, but suffice to say tomorrow can’t come soon enough. Not because we’re unhappy with our “seasonal” place, as I’ve called it over these last eight months, quite the opposite. It’s been great to be so close to everything we need, Elizabeth to Thorobred Feed on East Ave and I to the long-since-shuttered Saratoga Race Course and not-so-long-since shuttered adjoining Oklahoma Training Track.

Thursday marks the latest milestone in what is undoubtedly a milestone year of sorts for us. Thursday we add our names to the city’s official tax rolls, not the first home we’ve bought in our lifetimes but the first in Saratoga Springs.

There’s plenty to do between now and then, like pack up all the stuff we’ve unpacked in the more than eight months we’ve been in the temporary spot. It doesn’t feel that long ago we did the same thing in Lexington, although our less-than-a-mile drive this time sure beats the 800-mile trek we made last time.

To say there’s been plenty of activity in our lives between the time we decided to move and the time we’ll move into our own place would be the understatement of the year. Matt Fay, our friend from Lexington who helps other friends run the West Sixth Brewery, once mentioned how we thought we were the two most active people in the city. By active he meant occupied with things to do, not necessarily with being active, although we occasionally get off the couch for a bike, hike, paddle or a run.

Well Matt, we took things a step further in 2013, some by choice and some not by choice. Since the calendar rolled from 2012 to 2013 by my count just sitting here in the living room/dining room/office/occasional bed room of said short-term seasonal rental we’ve been through:

– Florida in February (I know, you can’t sympathize);
– The sale of a house in February;
– A funeral in March;
– The sale of a business in March;
– A move from Kentucky to New York in April;
– The start of a new job in May;
– A marathon in May (Elizabeth’s first, my fourth)
– Another funeral in June;
– A wedding in July (our own);
– A Saratoga racing season in July, August and September;
– A honeymoon to Ireland in September (our own);
– A return to Lexington in October;
– Another sale of a house in November, this the one I grew up in and inherited; and finally
– The purchase of a home in December.

That’s a lot, and like everyone else on the planet there are tons of other things that fill the gaps in between.

I guess that leaves only one question:

What did we do in January?