Worth Repeating for March 5

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In this week’s installment of Here and There, Seen and Heard…

 “When I walked into the paddock, a trainer said, ‘It’s your job to tire that bitch out.’ I was thinking, ‘My job? My job is to beat her.’ I know what he was thinking, but I was thinking we were the speed of the race.”
– Mark Hennig, trainer of Live Lively who upset favorite Dreaming Of Julia in the Davona Dale

“Something goes wrong over there it would be like lost in space. You’ve got to know your way around there and I think it’s tough on horses to go over there. And he’s not a stallion so it’s not like you’ve got to go over there and make a statement.”
– Charlie Lopresti on decision not to send Wise Dan to Dubai

“We beat everybody but Frankel last year and Frankel didn’t come.”
– Lopresti on Wise Dan’s 2012 campaign

“You’re a long way from home.”
– Jockey Rajiv Maragh, when seeing Sean Clancy on a cold morning at Belmont Park

“Now that I’m a 35 mile/week guy.”
– TIHR’s Tom Law bragging about his running habits

“One week doesn’t count.”
– TIHR’s Joe Clancy in response to the boast

“Tripping is just part of walking.”
– Miles Clancy, 4, when asked why he kept tripping on a hike in the woods

“Gotta pick the one that tried to kill me this summer.”
– Ryan Clancy, after picking an old friend in his My Fantasy Stable stable

“I don’t care what race it was, what horse it was, if it was the Kentucky Derby or a maiden $8,000, I was prepared for what I was going to do, I won some races because I was prepared.”
– Veteran jockey Mario Pino, on how he’s won nearly 6,500 races

“The secret to this game is go to bed early and get up early.”
– Jim Crupi, after hearing about someone staying out a bit too long for a few too many at Horse and Hounds in Ocala

“I am bereft.”
– Longtime ST fan Lucy Howard about the retirement of Steeplechase Times

“It’s the closest thing to a vacation we get.”
– Trainer Todd Wyatt, while looking ahead to Saratoga

“You can get two trained monkeys to do that.”
– HRRN’s Mike Penna, on verbalizing the chart of a race

“This becoming a little like an Agatha Christie novel, And then there were five.”
– Racecaller Mark Johnson, while calling Newbury’s 6th race, which went from eight runners to five, quickly, March 1

“Welcome to the County Fair.”
– Assistant trainer Saul Castellanos, while walking past a “winter-only” stable at Belmont Park

“Really outstanding. Two words for Ms. Kimmitt: Eclipse Award.”
– Ryan March, on Facebook, after reading Maggie Kimmitt’s column on Hall of Fame nominee Chris Antley