Tough Guy

- -

Laura Moquett and her star mount came almost face-to-face with an 18-wheeler walking out of the paddock back to the stakes barn on their first morning training at Saratoga Race Course this week.

Moquett, a one-woman Saratoga team and assistant to her husband Ron, stopped at the closed gate and didn’t encourage the security guard to open the gate while another guard chatted with the driver of the big rig.

“I’ll just take another lap,” she said, turning her compact chestnut horse around and going for another spin of Saratoga’s flower-laden paddock.

Eventually the truck rolled along, toward the clubhouse entrance and out of sight by the time Moquett returned.

“I didn’t want to challenge the semi,” Moquett said, walking over the stone dust path, across Frank Sullivan Place and back into the stakes barn. “He’s tough, but not that tough. With my luck he’d end up bolting and wind up somewhere over there.”

Bolt? Maybe. Back down? Not likely considering the he Moquett referred to was Whitmore, whose tough reputation comes well earned.

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