Top 10 for 2016: No. 1

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Now the list is complete. Appropriate that the No. 1 story on our Top 10 for 2016 that recaps the most well read stories on this website is a piece about a man who lived life to the fullest and who’s loss is felt by those who knew him best.

The story was published in late April, in Joe Clancy’s The Outside Rail blog and titled “R.I.P. Mr. Green,” the most popular piece at TIHR is a remembrance of Dave Green Sr., founder of Fair Hill Auto and “master of all that went on there.” Joe wrote the piece a little more than a week after Green died a week before he turned 69 and not long after helping Dave Green Jr. write his father’s eulogy.

Joe’s piece is classic Clancy. Written with heart, emotion, detail and depth. Here’s a snippet:

“Flowers sit on the counter by the door. Customers drop off sympathy cards with their checks. A month ago, a neighbor/customer sent around an email asking people for contributions to a “memory book” for Dave Sr. We wrote down our memories, our tales of woe related to the internal combustion engine, and sent them along. His family read them to him and he wondered why everyone was being so nice.

“Because Mr. Green mattered. His shop still does. Someone from Fair Hill Auto will pick up your car, fix it and return it to your driveway with a, “Key’s over the visor, bill’s on the floor” policy. Nothing in my life is that convenient. That won’t change, I hope, but I (and a lot of other people) will miss the conversations with Dave Sr., the “I don’t know what this world is coming to” opinions, the wisdom about all things automotive and all things in general. He grew up in a crazy, roundabout way between Tennessee, California, Florida, Delaware and a few places in between. He never graduated high school, but succeeded in a way no school could ever teach – as a businessman, a husband, a father, a grandfather, a great-grandfather. He told himself he’d be a millionaire by 1990, then changed the date to 2000. I don’t know if he ever made it, but that’s not the point. He was one of the richest guys I ever met.

Summarizing the piece in this space doesn’t do it justice, so you’re better off reading it yourself. Soak in the words and feel it.

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And one last thing to our faithful and supportive readers, Happy New Year from the team here at ST Publishing, This Is Horse Racing, The Saratoga Special and everything else we do.

1: R.I.P. Mr. Green



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