TIHR’s 15 for 2015: No. 9

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New York-bred stakes winner Icabad Crane went from America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred in the fall of 2014 to one of the most followed horses among racing and non-racing fans alike in 2015. He also got his eventing career off to a strong start earlier this and one of his first updates is the ninth most popular story at This Is Horse Racing for 2015.

Maggie Kimmitt’s piece titled “Icabad Crane shines in prelim debut” was posted in our Flying Changes section Feb. 26 not long after the 10-year-old gelding graduated to the preliminary level at the Full Gallop Farm Horse Trails in Aiken, S.C. Icabad Crane’s showing at that farm came just 11 months after his eventing debut at the same venue.

“This has been a very fast starter year for Icabad,” said two-time Olympic gold medalist Phillip Dutton, Icabad Crane’s regular rider and trainer. “He’s a great competitor, just as he showed on the racetrack. He just wants to do everything well and he likes to work. There’s a lot to be said for a horse who shows up and does his job every day. He’s a very quiet, kind-natured horse, and you can get a lot done in a day when you’re not dealing with tension and nerves.”


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9: Icabad Crane shines in prelim debut


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