TIHR’s 14 for 2014: 4

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As trivial, clichéd and obvious as it sounds, wow, what a loss.

The death of leading steeplechase trainer and man of the world Tom Voss came without warning Tuesday, Jan. 21. It’s safe to say to those blessed by his presence – whether it was in a big way or a tiny way – undoubtedly still feel the loss nearly a year later and still might for many years to come.

The editors at This Is Horse Racing saw exactly how big the news of Voss’ passing at the age of 63 at his home in Monkton, Md., was as fans of steeplechase and flat racing alike flooded to the site. They came to read Sean Clancy’s obit – not a huge piece, a mere 233 words in fact – of the man who won five national steeplechase titles as leading trainer, conditioned champion Slip Away and scores of other major stakes over jumps and on the flat.

Reader traffic soared that day, in fact it was the best day in the history of This Is Horse Racing to that point. Only three other stories generated more readers to this day, and one is directly related to Voss’ death (spoiler alert, it’s one of the top 3).

Check out Sean’s full version from Jan. 22.

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