TIHR’s 14 for 2014: 1

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And then there was one. We’re talking about No. 1 here, the big cheese, the king, the head honcho.

Our countdown of the 14 most popular stories of 2014 has been a year in review of sorts, a trip down memory lane to relive some the high points and low points from the racing world.

We’ve brought you emotional stories, lighthearted stories, pointed stories and important stories. The top story of 2014 gives you all four of those things and so much more.

Joe Clancy’s piece “My sons want to go to a funeral,” which appeared on his The Outside Rail blog shortly after the death of leading trainer Tom Voss, shot to the top of the list of most read stories fairly quickly and continues to extend its lead over the rest.

The piece is not only the most read story from 2014, but in the entire life of This Is Horse Racing. We realize that’s only a shade under two years, but still, it’s a long time when you consider 2013 featured more than 400 stories on the site and 2014 featured 496 and counting.

Joe’s piece focused on his three sons and their respective relationships with Voss, who was well known for his gruff exterior (especially with the media) but less known for his softer and caring side.

No. 1: My sons want to go to a funeral


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