Thursday’s Saratoga Special & Picks presented by Toga Party Racing – Aug. 17

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August Dawn Farm’s Let’s Go Big Blue, winner of an allowance race Aug. 3 at Saratoga, returns to stakes company in Thursday’s Rick Violette. Tod Marks Photo.

Week 6 of the 2023 Saratoga Race Course meeting rolls and a 10-race card featuring the Rick Violette Stakes and the third annual New York Thoroughbred Aftercare Day await horseplayers and fans Thursday.

The Rick Violette, named for the trailblazing horsemen’s advocate, aftercare innovator and outstanding trainer, goes as the ninth at 5:46 p.m.

A field of six New York-bred 3-year-olds are entered for the 1 1/16-mile stakes, including Itsallcomintogetha, Ramblin’ Wreck, Vacation Dance and Willintoriskitall, the first four past the finish of the Cab Calloway division of the New York Stallion Series July 20 at Saratoga.

The handicappers picks appear online here Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays through the rest of the meet, and on the Power Grid presented by Toga Party Racing in The Saratoga Special’s Wednesday and Saturday print and digital editions.

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1-Ride Up, Bargaining Power, Assertive Attitude.
2-Tizzy In The Sky, Dubb entry, Saffron Moon.
3-Wild Banker, Agent Creed, Barrage.
4-Watasha, Dr. Perry, V Mart.
5-Leslie’s Loot, Ginuccha, Accommodate Eva.
6-Let Freedom Spring, Ski Patrol, Sugar Gray Leonard.
7-Isola, Mirabella, Klaravich entry
8-Kunshan Bridge, Giroovin, Clubhouse.
9-Ramblin’ Wreck, Itsallcomintogetha, Let’s Go Big Blue.
10-Prince Of Truth, Laurel Valley, Street Rod.

TOM LAW (68/254):
1-Ride Up, Sippican Shop, Assertive Attitude.
2-Tizzy In The Sky, Chili Flag, Saffron Moon.
3-Zeebear, Agent Creed, Citizen K.
4-Dr. Perry, Watasha, Built To Last.
5-Accommodate Eva, Ginuccha, Miz Mastery.
6-Sugar Gray Leonard, Ignited, Ski Patrol.
7-Miss Our Hero, Tangential, Mirabella.
8-Win For Gold, Kunshan Bridge, Clubhouse.
9-Ramblin’ Wreck, Itsallcomintogetha, King Of Comedy.
10-Prince Of Truth, Screw Loose, Laurel Valley.

ROB WHITLOCK (66/254):
1-Sippican Shop, I Love Cara, Assertive Attitude.
2-Brown entry, Sister Lou Ann, Not So Close.
3-Zeebear, Agent Creed, Rough Draft.
4-Camm’ Duke, Dr Perry, Watasha.
5-Accommodate Eva, Hays Bay, Boxed Wine.
6-Ski Patrol, Foliage, Burn Jakey Burn.
7-Brown entry, Sister Maha, Doral. 
8-Win For Gold, Clubhouse, Kunshan Bridge.
9-King of Comedy, Rambling Wreck, Let’s Go Big Blue
10-Bond entry, Cash Bail, Laurel Valley.

1-Ride Up, Bargaining Power, Sippican Shop.
2-Dubb entry, Pleasant Passage, Tizzy In The Sky.
3-Wild Banker, Zeebear, Citizen K.
4-Dr. Perry, Built To Last, V Mart.
5-Ginuccha, La Colorada, Hayes Bay.
6-Let Freedom Spring, Sugar Gray Leonard, King James.
7-Rhiannon, Miss Our Hero, Brown entry.
8-Win For Gold, Giroovin, Clubhouse.
9-Let’s Go Big Blue, King Of Comedy, Ramblin’ Wreck.
10-Screw Loose, Laurel Valley, Scherzando.

1-Assertive Attitude, Mo Than Luck, Bargaining Power.
2-Pleasant Passage, Chili Flag, Saffron Moon.
3-Agent Creed, Rough Draft, Battle Scars.
4-Watasha, Dr. Perry, V Mart.
5-Ginuccha, Accomodate Eva, Azteca Stardust.
6-Ski Patrol, Forward Move, Sugar Grey Leonard.
7-Mirabella, Mom’s Right, Notinamillionyears.
8-Kunshan Bridge, Giroovin, Pay Zone.
9-Let’s Go Big Blue, King Of Comedy, Vacation Dance.
10-Paschal Moon, Laurel Valley, Screw Loose.