The Thursday Special – July 21

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The late Rick Violette will be honored again Thursday at Saratoga. Tod Marks Photo.

We’re back and with a slight rebrand.

The picks are still here but we’re adding some content – like we did this winter, spring and summer – with a scaled down version of The Special to keep you busy on days we don’t roll out a monster print edition.

It’s Rick Violette Day – a tribute to one of our most loyal allies and friends. The handicappers are back and some are clicking along at a strong pace.

Here’s The Special for Thursday, July 21. Good luck.

Names of the Day 
Perceived, second race. The 6-year-old is by Blame.

I Am The Law, third race. In honor of Tom Law. 

Guns Blazing, fifth race. The 4-year-old filly is by Firing Line. 

In honor of Rick Violette, read a few highlights from summers gone past. 

Worth Repeating
“I wish we had two more weeks. I would have preferred six weeks but that’s the timing the way it came up. More time between races is better for me always, but we want to run him twice at Saratoga, so we ran him here. Back at the end of the meet, there’s a stallion stake that we’re planning on running him in.”
Trainer Danny Gargan, who sends out favored Dakota Gold in the Rick Violette

Thursday’s Saratoga picks

1-Up To The Mark, Drink The Wind, Frat Pack.
2-Palace Coup, Kumar, Grumps Little Tots.
3-Hometown, Icarus, St. Joe Louis
4-Run Poppy, Clear The Deck, Smart Prize.
5-Greatest Love, Domineer, Aidanike.
6-Ee Yah, In Detail, Barzini.
7-Artemus Citylimits, It’s A Gamble, Principled Stand.
8-U Guy Are No Fun, Caragate, Reining Chick.
9-Dakota Gold, Coinage, Timbuktu.
10-American Rockette, Georgees Spirit, Margaret Burbridge.

TOM LAW (8/51):
1-Up To The Mark, Drink The Wind, Frat Pack.
2-Perceived, No Burn, Grumps Little Tots.
3-Icarus, St. Joe Louis, Al’s Prince.
4-Smart Prize, Forbidden Secret, Run Poppy.
5-Greatest Love, Aidanike, Bay Jewel.
6-Ee Yah, Noble Connection, Three Zero.
7-Artemus Citylimits, Big Package, Principled Stand.
8-Caragate, U Guys Are No Fun, Captainsdaughter.
9-Dakota Gold, Coinage, Timbuktu.
10-Margaret Burbidge, American Rockette, Sugar Mamas Cakery.

1-Drink The Wind, Insomniac, Frat Pack.
2-Kumar, No Burn, Perceived.
3-St. Joe Louis, Al’s Prince, Hometown.
4-Clear The Deck, Smart Prize, Run Poppy.
5-Aidanike, Guns Blazing, Greatest Love.
6-Barzini, A Western Yarn, Jeremy’s Jet.
7-Maxwell Esquire, Artemus Citylimits, Big Package.
8-Captainsdaughter, U Guys Are No Fun, Caragate.
9-Practice Squad, Dakota Gold, Coinage.
10-Strut, Georgees Spirit, American Rockette

1-Drink The Wind, Up To The Mark, Insomniac.
2-Perceived, Grumps Little Tots, Palace Coup.
3-St Joe Louis, Icarus, Hatch.
4-Clear The Deck, Run Poppy, Smart Prize.
5-Guns Blazing, Greatest Love, Aidanike.
6-Barzini, In Detail, Ee Yah.
7-Principled Stand, Smooth B, Big Package.
8-U Guys Are No Fun, Stimulus Check, Captainsdaughter.
9-Dakota Gold, Coinage, Practice Squad.
10-Georgees Spirit, Factor That, Tell Me When.

1-Up To The Mark, Frat Pack, Insomniac.
2-Palace Coup, No Burn, Perceived.
3-Resilient Courage, St. Joe Louis, Icarus.
4-Run Poppy, Forbidden Secret, Run Poppy.
5-Greatest Love, Aidanike, My Girl Lexi.
6-Barzini, Ee Yah, A Western Yarn.
7-Artemus Citylimits, Big Package, Principled Stand.
8-Caragate, Reigning Chick, U Guys Are No Fun.
9-Seaver, Timbuktu, Dakota Gold.
10-American Rockette, Margaret Burbidge, Determined Jester.