The Special’s picks for Monday, Aug. 26

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A little more than a week to go in this year’s Saratoga meeting and the battle for top handicapping honors in The Saratoga Special is a lot closer than the trainer, jockey and owner races.

Defending champ Gaile Fitzgerald tabbed six winners Sunday to wrest a short lead from John Shapazian. Fitzgerald’s got 100 winners on the meet, one more than Shapazian. Tom Law is back in third with 95 as Charles Bedard (84) and Chad Summers (72) round it out.

Ten races Monday, including the $100,000 Smart and Fancy Stakes for older fillies and mares sprinting on the turf and the $100,000 Saratoga Dew for older female state-breds going long on the main track.

Here’s how The Special handicappers see the day unfolding:

Gaile Fitzgerald (100/336)
1-Tripski, Spring to the Sky, Happy My Way
2-Domino Derval, Ocean Boulevard, U. S. S. O’Brien
3-Ol Donyo, Elusive Act, Gnarley Girl
4-Madame Giry, Delightful Quality, My Jopia
5-Bedouin Now, So Outspoken, Amber Coast
6-Sneaky Blowout, Lincoln Flyer, Team Lazarus
7-Plainview, Compliance Officer, Quantity
8-Drum Roll, Belief System, Poliziano
9-Tahoe Tigress ,Lady On the Run, Mischief Maker
10-Sapphire Blue, Cebu, Coralita


John Shapazian (99/336)
1-Tripski, Joes Blazing Aaron, Hannibal Lecter
2-Domino Derval, U.S.S. O’Brien, Fingers Crossed
3-Ol Donyo, Gnarley Girl, Merry Meadow
4-Delightful Quality, Madame Giry, Sweet and Lovely
5-Bedouin Now, So Outspoken, Amber Coast
6-Sneaky Blowout, Team Lazarus, Tax Alex
7-Dawly, Plainview, La Marca entry
8-Drum Roll, Belief System, Bemata
9-Tahoe Tigress, Mischief Maker, Lady On the Run
10-Sapphire Blue, Coralita, Spunky Princess


Charles Bedard (84/336)
1-Spring to the Sky, Joes Blazing Aaron, Awed
2-Ocean Boulevard, Domino Derval, U. S. S. O’Brien
3-Elusive Act, Heart of Rome, Gnarly Girl
4-Madame Giry, My Jopia, Sweet and Lovely
5-Amber Coast, Bedouin Now, So Outspoken
6-Sneaky Blowout, Team Lazarus, Catholic Cowboy
7-Screenplay, Plainview, Compliance Officer
8-Drum Roll, Belief System, Thingamajigger
9-Tahoe Tigress, Go Unbridled, Mischief Maker
10-Sapphire Blue, Bargaining, Table Coralita  


Chad Summers (72/336)
1-Tripski, Spring to the Sky, Bernie the Jet
2-U. S. S. O’Brien, Ocean Boulevard, Camryn’s Gem
3-Ol Donyo, Garmentos Girl, Merry Meadow
4-My Jopia, Madame Giry, Promise Me a Cat
5-Cash Your Ticket, Sir Leslie, Bedouin Now
6-Takajo, Catholic Cowboy, Lincoln Flyer
7-Plainview, Twigazuri Strait, Quantity
8-Belief System, Drum Roll, Poliziano
9-Go Unbridled, Dreaming of Cara, Guyana Princess
10-Sapphire Blue, Coralita, East Coast Express


Tom Law (95/336)
1-Tripski, Awed, Joes Blazing Aaron
2-Domino Derval, Fingers Crossed, U. S. S. O’Brien
3-Ol Donyo, Merry Meadow, Garmentos Girl
4-Promise Me a Cat, Rose Salvaje, Madame Giry
5-Bedouin Now, Amber Coast, So Outspoken
6-Sneaky Blowout, Catholic Cowboy, Team Lazarus
7-Compliance Officer, Plainview, Quantity
8-Drum Roll, Poliziano, Bemata
9-Go Unbridled, Lady On the Run, Mischief Maker
10-Sapphire Blue, Coralita, Spunky Princess