Sunday’s Saratoga Special & Picks presented by Toga Party Racing – Sept. 3

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Luis Angulo, a member of trainer Todd Pletcher’s Grade 1 Jockey Club Gold Cup-winning team, shows what it means to win at Saratoga. Photo courtesy of Carolyn Raskauskas.

Here we are, all down to the final two acts of the Saratoga Race Course meeting. Weeks and months of anticipation, then the rush of it all in July and August before the fleeting feelings of September and closing weekend.

Sunday’s card almost brings the stand to a close with a 10-race card topped by a salty renewal of the Grade 1 Spinaway for 2-year-old fillies. A field of 10 entered the 7-furlong feature, a cast led by impressive maiden winners Ways And Means and Sugar Hi, along with Adirondack winner Brightwork and Schuylerville winner Becky’s Joker. Toss in Miz Sense, Alys Beach and Wonder Ride and you can see why we said salty renewal.

John Shapazian looks to be headed for another handicapping title in The Saratoga Special, but he’s not quite over the finish yet with perhaps a final surge from Charles Bedard. John’s lead on The Power Grid presented by Toga Party Racing was cut from seven to six Saturday after Charles tabbed two early stakes winners in Parnac and Alva Starr.

John leads the group with 121 winners, six more than Charles at 115. Tom Law hoped to hold onto the second spot for another season but needs serious help with 109 wins heading into Sunday. Rob Whitlock is fourth at 93 and Jessica Paquette, who tabbed Thin White Duke in Saturday’s Harvey Pack Stakes, is third with 73.

The handicapper’s picks will appear online on Closing Day, Monday. Good luck.

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1-Weigh The Risks, Later Darling, Appellate.
2-Mim, Scherzer, Marley’s Ghost.
3-Olympic Dreams, Film Star, Saqeel.
4-Magnolia Midnight, Rally Squirrel, Atras entry.
5-Cowes, Piccata Prince, Magic Beach.
6-Alpine Princess, Nikitis, Genetics.
7-Ski Patrol, Three Diamonds entry, Born A Gambler.
8-Dontmesswithtess, Diamond Status, Proud Foot.
9-Ways And Means, Brightwork, Sugar Hi.
10-Whiskey Lullaby, Jet City Woman, Addressable Market.

TOM LAW (109/390):
1-Weigh The Risks, Appellate, Sensing Flatter.
2-Mim, Bon Adieu, Marley’s Ghost.
3-Film Star, The Prince’s Spur, Olympic Dreams.
4-Magnolia Midnight, Durkin’s Call, Rally Squirrel.
5-Piccata Prince, Cowes, My Man Woody.
6-Genetics, Scalable, Alpine Princess.
7-Three Diamonds entry, Harry Hood, Ski Patrol.
8-Dontmesswithtess, Can’t Fool Me, River Tay.
9-Brightwork, Ways And Means, Sugar Hi.
10-Jet City Woman, Dark Pool, Addressable Market.

ROB WHITLOCK (93/390):
1-Weigh The Risks, Appellate, Justdeny.
2-Bon Adieu, Mim, Lady Fortuna.
3-Olympic Dreams, Film Star, Brown entry.
4-Magnolia Midnight, Rally Squirrel, Atras entry.
5-Cowes, Piccata Prince, My Man Woody.
6-Nikitis, Snow Dance, Noriskitnobiscuit. 
7-Lord Flintshire, Harry Hood, Three Diamonds entry.
8-Proudfoot, Dontmesswithtess, Brown entry.
9-Brightwork, Ways And Means, Closing Act.
10-Rosy Tomorrow’s, Addressable Market, Dark Pool.

1-Sensing Flatter, Appellate, Weigh The Risks.
2-Mim, Bon Adieu, Marley’s Ghost.
3-Film Star, Olympic Dreams, Saqeel.
4-Atras entry, Magnolia Midnight, Beaver Hat.
5-Piccata Prince, Khanate, Rodriguez entry.
6-Genetics, Scalable, Caitlinhergreatness.
7-Empire Attraction, Ski Patrol, Three Diamonds entry.
8-Except Temptation, Miss Kristy, Dontmesswithtess.
9-Ways And Means, Becky’s Joker, Miz Sense.
10-Addressable Market, Jet City Woman, Dark Pool.

1-Philanthropy, Appellate, Sensing Flatter.
2-Marley’s Ghost, Mim, Northway.
3-Film Star, Leading Contender, Olympic Dreams.
4-Magnolia Midnight, Invisible War, Durkin’s Call.
5-Khanate, Piccata Prince, Cowes.
6-Genetics, Caitlinhergrtnss, Scalable.
7-Lord Flintshire, Watasha, Ski Patrol.
8-Except Temptation, Diamond Status, River Tay.
9-Wonder Ride, Bright Work, Sugar Hi.
10-Dark Pool, Jet City Woman, Addressable Market.