Saturday’s Special picks – May 30

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The Saratoga Special’s handicappers are back online after going digital last week for Issue 2 of The 2020 Special. Ok, so maybe that’s the same thing. Regardless, they scoped out three loaded cards – Churchill Downs, Santa Anita Park and Gulfstream Park – while readying for the return of racing next week in New York at Belmont Park.

Tom Law comes into the weekend three behind perennial leader John Shapazian in the win column, 46-49, after a strong showing last Saturday. Tom picked nine winners from the 20 races handicapped from Churchill and Santa Anita, including a cold all-stakes pick 5 to close the card from Louisville.

John leads the way with a sparkling 35 percent strike rate, his 49 winners coming from 140 races handicapped this spring.

Charles Bedard and Rob Whitlock are still swinging and trying to cut into the leaders’ advantage.

Here are the picks for Saturday, May 30. Good luck.


JOHN SHAPAZIAN (49/140, 35 percent):
1-Brittle And Yoo, Our Secret Agent, Saintsation.
2-Seeds Of Time, Mongolian Humor, Lady Cleopatra.
3-Queen Medb, Flying The Colors, Messina.
4-Its My Bag Baby, Improbable Story, Arch Ability.
5-Dontneedaname, Forbettororworse, Time Heist.
6-Man In The Can, Tiesto, Letmeno.
7-Mia Mischief, Break Even, Take Charge Angel.
8-Ashiham, Oceanic, Bear Alley.
9-Queen Of Shades, Bingwa, Vomba.
10-Top Seed, Kaziranga, Seek The Peak.
11-Juliet Foxtrot, Altea, Varenka.

TOM LAW (46/140, 32.9 percent):
1-Our Secret Agent, Brittle And Yoo, Saintsation.
2-Seeds Of Time, Lady Cleopatra, Operatic.
3-Flying The Colors, Daddymademedoit, Heavenly Peace.
4-Creekmore, Its My Bag Baby, Johnny Cab.
5-Forbetterorworse, Dontneedaname, Magic Mo.
6-Tiesto, Tabled, Noble Order.
7-Mia Mischief, Spiced Perfection, Break Even.
8-Ashiham, Bakers Bay, Aztec Empire.
9-Dixieincandyland, Bingwa, I’llhandalthecash.
10-Fearless, Top Seed, Gun It.
11-Juliet Foxtrot, Nay Lady Nay, Varenka.

CHARLES BEDARD (42/140, 30 percent):
1-Our Secret Agent, Trapped N My Mind, Brittle And Yoo.
2-Seeds Of Time, Colorincolonel, Operatic.
3-Elle M’a Souri, Malibu Marlee, Daddymademedoit.
4-Creekmore, It’s My Bag Baby, Arch Ability.
5-Digital Star, Time Heist, Forbetterorworse.
6-Tiesto, Spanish Kingdom, Buy Me Candy.
7-Mia Mischief, Spiced Perfection, Break Even.
8-Ashiham, Bear Alley, What A Country.
9-Dixieincandyland, Cardamon, Unaquoi.
10-Fearless, Gun It, Lone Rock.
11-Juliet Foxtrot, Zofelle, She’sonthewarpath.

ROB WHITLOCK (36/140, 25.7 percent):
1-Brittle And Yoo, Extra Effort, Hands Up.
2-Seeds Of Time, Mongolian Humor, Fun Paddy.
3-Pau Hannah, Messina, Heavenly Peace.
4-Creekmore, Hidden Promise, Arch Ability.
5-Magic Mo, Digital Star, Why Why Paul Why.
6-Kid Mercury, Noble Order, Czechmight.
7-Mia Mischief, Break Even, Take Charge Angel.
8-Mau Mau, Bear Alley, Bakers Bay.
9-Unaquoi, Dance Rhythms, Dixielandcandy.
10-Thirstforlife, Fearless, Top Seed.
11-Nay Lady Nay, Varenka, Secret Message.



1-Oh Pretty Woman, Warrior Moon, Swing Thoughts.
2-Seizetheday Rexy, Rossman, Four O’Five.
3-Miss Bennet, Samandah, Paige Runner.
4-Prince Ricky, St. Geezy, U. S. Danger.
5-Brix, Stir The Pot, Zero Down.
6-She’s A Dime, Eternal Endeavour, Rather Nosy.
7-Laura’s Light, Parkour, Stela Star.
8-Traffic Stopper, Apache Pass, Tiz A Unicorn.
9-Unusually Handsome, Whirl Candy, Premier League.

1-California Kook, Oh Pretty Woman, Warrior’s Moon.
2-Seizetheday Rexy, Four O’Five, Shanghai Curly.
3-Destiny’s Journey, Paige Runner, Samandah.
4-Beaumont Beaux, Prince Ricky, Poise To Strike.
5-Irreproachable, Brix, Stir The Pot.
6-Eternal Endeavour, Rather Nosy, Road Rager.
7-Laura’s Light, Parkour, Stela Star.
8-Traffic Stopper, Tiz A Unicorn, Awesome Alessandra.
9-Reprobate, Whirl Candy, Rio Ocho.

1-Oh Pretty Woman, Warrior’s Moon, Brahms Command.
2-Seizetheday Rexy, Rossman, Calder Vale.
3-Paige Runner, Mongolian Sunrise, Samandah.
4-Prince Ricky, Poise To Strike, Beaumont Beaux.
5-Brix, Zero Down, Endless Tale.
6-Eternal Endeavour, Rather Nosy, She’s A Dime.
7-Stela Star, Laura’s Light, Little Bird.
8-Traffic Stopper, Awesome Alessandra, Lucky Daughter.
9-Cosmo, Frasard, Reprobate.

1-California Kook, Warrior’s Moon, Oh Pretty Woman.
2-Rossman, Shanghai Curly, Four O Five.
3-Destiny’s Journey, Samandah, Paige Runner.
4-Tick Tock, Beaumont Beaux, Antithetical.
5-Poise To Strike, Zero Down, Stir The Pot.
6-Count Alexi, Rather Nosy, Eternal Endeavor.
7-She’s A Dime, Parkour, Laura’s Light.
8-Stela Star, Rational, Traffic Stopper, Tiz A Unicorn.
9-Premier League, Reprobate, Capital Call.



1-Policy Option, Time For Trouble, Scanno.
2-Fulmini, Big Daddy Dave, Trick Shot.
3-Nowitna River, Nothing Free, Myfrancesa.
4-Sneer, North Broadway, Under The Oaks.
5-Suz, Royally Cool, Tuesday’s Rose.
6-Fiamma Mamma, Union Lane, Samoa.
7-Say Adios, Poseidons Princess, Gioielli.
8-Jesus Team, Venezuelan Hug, Bad Beat Brian.
9-Win With Pride, Yodel E.A. Who, Small Fortune.
10-Superfecto, Our Country, Mystic Lancelot.
11-Timing, Queen’splate Nolan, Traffic Trouble.

1-Policy Option, Time For Trouble, Scanno.
2-Trick Shot, Gruntled, Boomer.
3-Nowitna River, Grace’s Drama, Tropicality.
4-North Broadway, American Goddess, Ocean Air.
5-Royally Cool, Suz, Baby Ice.
6-Fiamma Mamma, Kaufy Futures, For Kicks.
7-Gioielli, Poseidons Princess, Say Adios.
8-Venezuelan Hug, Lets Play Hardball, Bad Beat Brian.
9-Win With Pride, Cajun Firecracker, Yodel E. A. Who.
10-Unconquered Lea, Mystic Lancelot, Our Country.
11-Queen’splate Nolan, Bellas Fella, Traffic Trouble.

1-Policy Option, Scanno, Battalion.
2-Boomer, Fulmini, Big Daddy Dave.
3-Nowitna River, Nothins Free, Myfrancesca.
4-North Broadway, Tiz Affair, American Goddess.
5-Royally Cool, Suz, Baby Ice.
6-Fiamma Mamma, Samoa, For Kicks.
7-Say Adios, Miss Maris, Gioielli.
8-Venezuelan Hug, Bad Beat Brian, Dominate Thermoment.
9-Win With Pride, Cajun Firecracker, Yodel E. A. Who.
10-Superfecto, Our Country, Express Pharaoh.
11-Traffic Trouble, Queen’splate Nolan, Bella’s Fella. 

1-Policy Option, Scanno, Time For Trouble.
2-Gruntled, Big Daddy Dave, Omaha City.
3-Nowitna River, Tropicality, Durlyn. 
4-Sneer, North Broadway, Winnipeg Wonder.
5-Tuesday’s Rose, Royally Cool, Baby Ice.
6-I’m That Bird, Fiamma Mamma, Mia’s Bobtail.
7-Gioielli, Trans Mississippi, Blessed Beast.
8-Bad Beat Brian, Venezuelan Hug, Kunal.
9-Cajun Firecracker, Yodel A. E. Who, Win With Pride.
10-Superfecto, Our Country, Mystic Lancelot.
11-Timing, Power, Traffic Trouble.