Monday’s Saratoga selections

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No print edition of The Saratoga Special Monday, so our handicappers go online for the 10-race program at Saratoga Race Course, led by the Evan Shipman for New York-breds.

Charles Bedard is off to a strong start with a dozen wins from 31 races through the first three days of racing, with Gaile Fitzgerald, John Shapazian and Tom Law right off the pace with 10. Chad Summers is next with five.

Gaile Fitzgerald (10/31)

1-Financial Mogul, Closet E, Pecorino

2-Whomping Willow, Super Sky, The Careless Cat

3-Full Of Intent, Chance Encounter, Sean’s Silverdancer

4-Mongol Boss, Pacific Theater, Kingston Bay

5-Kitten Kaboodle, Candy Kitten, Hillhouse High

6-Stonely, The Lonely, Southern Tier

7-Ward Entry, Dapper, Draper, Stop Sign

8-Mr. William, Deanaallen’skitten, Sure Route

9-Peace Preserver, Readthebyline, Awesome Vision

10-So Scott Tulita, Melody Lin, Starship Gambler


John Shapazian (10/31)

1-Pecorino, Big Sugar Soda, Financial Mogul

2-Whomping Willow, Super Sky, Ready to Act

3-Seans Silverdancer, Full of Intent, Chance Encounter

4-Mongul Boss, Pacific Theater, Slickuponatime

5-Candy Kitty, Hillhouse High, Kitten Kaboodle

6-Hebert Hall, Rip Roarin Ritchie, Wind of Bosphorus

7-Mr. William, Foggy Road, Stop Sign

8-Peace Preserver, Deanaallen’skitten, Corsage

9-Awesome Vision, Readthebyline, Groomedforvictory

10-Starship Gambler, Tulita, Sheerflakesofgold


Charles Bedard (12/31)

1-Big Sugar Soda, Closet E, Pecorino

2-Whomping, Willow Duff, One Super Sky

3-Seans Silverdancer, Aliraven, Full Of Intent

4-Pacific Theater, Kingston Bay, Mongol Boss

5-Streethomealabama, Candy Kitty, Ma Billet Doux

6-Thomas Hill, Southern Tier, Wesley Ward entry

7-Optionality, Mr. William, Stop Sign

8-Fantasy Of Flight, Deanaallen’skitten, Sure Route

9-Readthebyline, Awesome Vision, Anaphylaxis

10-Melody Lin, Snit Fit, Starship Gambler


Chad Summers (5/31)

1-Financial Mogul, Big Sugar Soda, Closet E

2-Super Sky, Whomping Willow, The Careless Cat

3-Warrior Marie, Chance Encounter, Full of Intent

4-Pacific Theater, Filberto, Mongol Boss

5-Hillhouse High, Ma Billet Doux, Palestrina

6-Southern Tier, Rip Roarin Ritchie, Hebert Hall

7-Optionality, Mr. William, Southern Safari

8-Fantasy of Flight, Deanaallen’skitten, Sure Route

9-Awesome Vision, Anaphylaxis, Readthebyline

10-Starship Gambler, Melody Lynn, Silver Silence


Tom Law (10/31)

1-Pecorino, Financial Mogul, Flat Jack

2-Whomping Willow, Super Sky, Anna Katherine

3-Full of Intent, World Premier, Nuffsaid Nuffsaid

4-Mongol Boss, Goesse, Pacific Theater

5-Candy Kitty, Kitten Kaboodle, Hillhouse High

6-Southern Tier, Wind of Bosphorous, Off the Page

7-Dapper Draper, Mr. William, Optionality

8-Open Water, Peace Preserver, Deanaallen’skitten

9-Readthebyline, Awesome Vision, Groomedforvictory

10-Starship Gambler, Sheerflakesofgold, Silver Silence