Monday’s Saratoga picks – Sept. 6

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It all comes down to this. The final day of the 2021 Saratoga Race Course meeting – one marked by brilliant performances in the headline events with fans in the stands – will decide the race for leading handicapper here at The Saratoga Special.

John Shapazian leads Tom Law by one win, a margin cut in half during Sunday’s card when most of their picks aligned. Monday is a different story, as they have different picks in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth and 11th races before scratches. We could know early who comes out on top, the perennial leader Shapazian or the not-so-young upstart Law. Follow along at home and enjoy the last day of the greatest race meeting on the planet. 

The 12-race card features two stakes, one early and one late. The Grade 2 Bernard Baruch, no doubt hurt by rich turf stakes at Kentucky Downs, drew a field of five led by En Wye Cee, L’Imperator and Tell Your Daddy. The headlining Grade 1 Hopeful, which goes as the 10th race at 5:38 p.m. ET, drew a field of 11 led by Sanford winner Wit and Saratoga Special winner High Oak. The winner of the 7-furlong fixture will no doubt be at the top of the 2-year-old male division. 

Here’s to a great closing day. Be safe and good luck. 

JOHN SHAPAZIAN (135/404, 33.4 percent):
1-Equal Pay, Someday Maybe, Big City Momma.
2-Belarus, D J Stable entry, Call Sign Charlie.
3-L’Imperator, En Wye Cee, Tell Your Daddy.
4-Frills, My Roxy Girl, Sweet Mia.
5-Realm Of Law, American Law, Abaan.
6-Linny Kate, Ocean Air, Sum Kinda Pretty.
7-Don’t Wait Up, Pine Valley, Drakon.
8-Hot Fudge, Consumer Spending, Silvery Rill.
9-Awesome Debate, Betsy Blue, Ruvies In Time.
10-Wit, High Oak, Headline Report.
11-Advance Notice, Cold Hard Cash, Atone.
12-Norman Queen, Stella Mars, New York Supreme.

TOM LAW (134/404, 33.2 percent):
1-Big City Momma, Mun Luv, I’m Perfect Too.
2-Belarus, Chiara, Carbon.
3-L’Imperator, En Wye Cee, Tell Your Daddy.
4-Extra Effort, Frills, Sweet Mia.
5-Realm Of Law, American Law, Abaan.
6-Linny Kate, Perhaps Tonight, A Thing Of Beauty.
7-Commandperformance, Don’t Wait Up, Forced Ranking.
8-Consumer Spending, Silvery Rill, Old School.
9-Awesome Debate, Betsy Blue, Miss Jimmy.
10-Wit, High Oak, Gunite.
11-La Hara, King Cause, Atone.
12-Norman Queen, New York Supreme, Black Panda.

CHARLES BEDARD (127/404, 31.4 percent):
1-Mun Luv, I’m Perfect Too, Big City Momma.
2-Caragate, Kisses For Emily, D J Stable entry.
3-En Wye Cee, Tell Your Daddy, Dreams Of Tomorrow.
4-Frills, Sweet Mia, Extra Effort.
5-Conglomerate, Abaan, Realm Of Law.
6-Linny Kate, Princess Pinky, A Thing Of Beauty.
7-Don’t Wait Up, Gruden, Cloud Play.
8-Consumer Spending, Silvery Rill, Dancin Dee.
9-Honey Money, Miss Jimmy, Awesome Debate.
10-Wit, High Oak, Defend.
11-King Cause, Cold Hard Cash, Klickitat.
12-Reeley Psyched, New York Supreme, Black Panda.

ROB WHITLOCK (114/404, 28.2 percent):
1-Big City Momma, Someday Maybe, Equal Pay.
2-Adversity, Call Sign Charlie, Sedona Rocks.
3-En Wye Cee, L’Imperator, Tell Your Daddy.
4-My Roxy Girl, Frills, Extra Effort.
5-American Law, Conglomerate, Abaan.
6-Some Kinda Pretty, Ocean Air, Perhaps Tonight.
7-Road To Stardom, Don’t Wait Up, Forced Ranking.
8-Heady Lamar, Silvery Rill, Consumer Spending.
9-Party At Page’s, Awesome Debate, A Life That’s Good.
10-Wit, Gunite, Big Scully.
11-Klickitat, King Cause, Atone.
12-Barrel Of Bliss, Ob La Di, Speightska. 

JESSICA PAQUETTE (86/404, 21.3 percent):
1-I’m Perfect Too, Someday Maybe, Big City Momma.
2-Belarus, Carbon, Chiara.
3-En Wye Cee, Tell Your Daddy, L’Imperator.
4-Frills, Extra Effort, No Deal.
5-Realm Of Law, Abaan, Tackle.
6-Perhaps Tonight, Ocean Air, Social Exclusion.
7-Don’t Wait Up, Drakon, Forced Ranking.
8-Old School, Silvery Rill, Consumer Spending.
9-Awesome Debate, Betsy Blue, Party At Page’s.
10-Gunite, High Oak, Wit.
11-Atone, Cold Hard Cash, La Hara.
12-Norman Queen, Stella Mars, New York Supreme.