Monday’s Saratoga handicapping selections

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We’re back on our normal schedule this week after 12 consecutive issues, but we’re not giving our handicapping team from The Saratoga Special a break just yet.

Gaile Gitzgerald and John Shapazian, one-two in last year’s Power Grid battle, are at it again and come into Monday’s 10-race card tied with 61 wins apiece, one ahead of first-time Special handicapper Tom Law at 60. Charles Bedard is next with 54 and Chad Summers trails with 40.

Here’s how our team sees Monday’s races:

Gaile Fitzgerald (61/218)

1-Homeboykris, Tummel, De Price

2-Bin Elusive, Hailey’s Star, Seven Dreams

3-Magical Moon, Mystic Love, Jewel of a Cat

4-A Better Tomorrow, Leroy Jr., National Buck

5-Due Diligence, No Dishonor, Pecorino

6-Rettalfa, Inaflash, Passionforsongs

7-Hello Lover, Bernie the Maestro, Nevada Kid

8-Hardened Wildcat, Strapping Groom, Troilus

9-Don’t Say No, Fly Ride, Radiohead

10-Edie Town, Flirt, Beautiful Risk


John Shapazian (61/218)

1-Inflation Target, Tummel, Charlie’s Quest

2-Bin Elusive, I Jus Wana Hav Fun, Elusive Act

3-Magical Moon, Lignite, Little Sandy

4-Leroy Jr., National Buck, Insighting

5-Due Diligence, No Dishonor, Sum Superstar

6-Inaflash, Darnley Bay, Rettalfa

7-Hello Lover, Bernie the Maestro, Dawly

8-Hardened Wildcat, Strapping Groom, Leave of Absence

9-Radiohead, Beer Is Good, Don’t Say No

10-Edie, Town Flirt, Surprise Squall


Charles Bedard (54/218)

1-Charlie's Quest, Inflation Target, Martini Madness 
2-Hailey's Star, Bin Elusive, Hillary D 
3-Magical Moon, Little Sandy, Funfair 
4-Leroy Jr., Collaborator, Insighting 
5-Sum Superstar, Due Diligence, Rolloncat 
6-Inaflash, Toast To Ashley, Rettalfa 
7-Hello Lover, Keep Me Informed, Frazil 
8-Hardened Wildcat, Troilus, Candyman E 
9-Radiohead, Don't Say No, Sokitumi Samurai 
10-Town Flirt, Edie, Another Please

Chad Summers (40/218)

1-Equivocation, Inflation Target, Martini Madness

2-So Blessed, I Jus Wana Hav Fun, Bin Elusive

3-Mystic Love, Funfair, Magical Moon

4-Insighting, National Buck, Leroy Jr.

5-Vigorish, Due Diligence, No Dishonor

6-Inaflash, Toast to Ashley, Rettalfa

7-Keep Me Informed, Hello Lover, The Truth and K G

8-Candyman E, Hardened Wildcat, Right to Vote

9-Don’t Say No, Radiohead, Special Selection

10-Edie, Chick in Slacks, G. A. Empress


Tom Law (60/218)

1-Inflation Target, Dan and Sheila, Equivocation

2-I Jus Wana Hav Fun, Elusive Act, Bin Elusive

3-Magical Moon, Jewel of a Cat, Lignite

4-National Buck, Leroy Jr., Chang’s Secret

5-Due Diligence, Signature Smile, Sum Superstar

6-Inaflash, Toast to Ashley, Rettalfa

7-Hello Lover, The Truth and K G, Bernie the Maestro

8-Hardened Wildcat, Strapping Groom, Candyman E

9-Radiohead, Don’t Say No, Beer Is Good

10-Town Flirt, Edie, Delightful Dawn