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    The 2021 Saratoga Race Course meeting was one to remember, with records galore, monster efforts and a tight race for leading handicapper at The Special. Check out our 2021 postscript.
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  • Pandemic Positive

    East Ave. Racing, which owns Sunday entrant Vallelujah with Sisu Racing, brings locked out 2020 fans in partnership.
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  • The Saratoga Special 2021

    The Finale. Hard to believe but the last edition of 2021 previews a big Saturday, and catches up from the week. Thanks for reading, again.
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    The Saratoga Special is again offering membership in our Readers Club. Members receive a Readers Club sticker and your choice of a hat, buff/neck gaiter or – new this year – a set of cork coasters, plus early email notice of every edition and whatever else we can dream up.
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A lot of miles and a lot of quotes. Keeneland to the Maryland Hunt Cup. Middleburg Hunt Point-to-Point to Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana. 

Worth Repeating

"He's got a little turn of foot to him." - Jockey Jody Petty, after Guts For Garters closed in the stretch to win the Maryland Hunt Cup by a nose over Imperial Way

"I'm not running." - Trainer Sanna Neilson, on why it was OK for her to eat a pre-race sandwich while trying to stop Hunt Cup runner Guts For Garters from eating grass before the race

"It's been an emotional day." - Jeb Hannum, after Catch The Echo lost his jockey at the fence 20 in the Maryland Hunt Cup

"It's a lot less nerve-wracking when you don't have a runner." - Two-time Maryland Hunt Cup winning trainer Regina Welsh

"Going Report: Good to soft. Stuck in places." - Maryland Hunt Cup spectator as a monster truck got stuck in the mud in the subscriber parking lot

"I finished fourth. Two jockeys fell off and got back on and beat me, but I was fourth." - Owner Gerry Brewster about finishing fourth in the 1989 Maryland Hunt Cup

"I only got to the third but I was so excited to be here. It felt amazing. He got a little unlucky - he's so brave, so aggressive. I'd love to go and try it again. It's a thrill." - Jockey Cormac Farrell, after falling with Embarrassed in the Maryland Hunt Cup

"It's the first time I've gotten a chair in the jocks' room." - Jockey McLane Hendriks at the Maryland Hunt Cup

"I was sitting right where I wanted to but that mud got to him. I crawled over fence 15, I said, 'You know, this is it.' " - Jockey Billy Meister, after riding And The Eagle Flys in his final Maryland Hunt Cup

"I wasn't unlucky. He rooted it out. At the sixth, we probably should have fallen, I don't know how I stayed on, got him back and then he actually started popping and Adair fell in front of him at the ninth and that scattered him again. He just put down and obliterated it." - Jockey Mark Beecher, after falling from Delta Park in the Maryland Hunt Cup

"It was a cavalry charge to the third. He rubbed the third and from then on, I was in mid-division. He saves himself, he has so much long-term experience he knows how not to fall. He's a great horse, he's got more heart than anything. We did everything wrong but stand off too far, we hit rails on the way up, we sat on top of posts. (Winning) crossed my mind after 16, if they had gone quick enough they would stop but then I realized it was Jody on his mud lover and I knew he would keep galloping." - Jockey James Slater after finishing third aboard Bon Caddo in the Maryland Hunt Cup

"1983. First Tipperary. Custom Made." - Meister, describing his iconic flak jacket with the four red squares

"Pay peanuts. Get monkeys." - Trainer Simon Hobson to former employer Jack Fisher, as timber winner Rugged Rascal pulled Fisher out of the Middleburg barn area

"If you knew how this horse acted, you'd know why I'm wearing these boots." - Groom Albert Smith, wearing boots instead of his customary orange sneakers, at Middleburg Point-to-Point Sunday

"Needs draw reins." - Jockey Jeff Murphy, describing his child, not his horse

"I already did." - Jockey Gus Dahl, when told to drop his stirrups, on his second trip out of the paddock on the same horse at Middleburg Point-to-Point Sunday

"I might put them up two holes from yesterday." - Amatuer rider James Slater, riding out of the paddock for a flat race at Middleburg Point-to-Point, a day after finishing third aboard Bon Caddo in the Maryland Hunt Cup

"Well, it is Katherine 'S.' Neilson." - Trainer Kathy Neilson, after another horse finished second Saturday

"Thank God." ­- Jockey Alex Solis, after being congratulated for being inducted into the Hall of Fame

"Where have you been all my life?" - Ryan Clancy, 20, when seeing Keeneland for the first time Friday

"I've never had a problem picking out the jockey at the airport until this time." - Trainer Jack Fisher, after meeting new jockey Sam Jones, who looks more like Paddy Young than Jorge Chavez

"It's an overused excuse. Believe it or not there's a lot of times you just don't know why." - Trainer Jimmy Jerkens talking about the age-old excuse of horses not liking the track

"Do I get to bet on horses? If so, I'm in." - University of Illinois grad student Andy Pilney to TIHR's Tom Law about making his first trip to the Kentucky Derby

"Just don't expect the same treatment or view you had there for the Breeders' Cup." - Kentucky native and fellow U of I grad student Kelly McAninch

By the Numbers

1:03: Time of day, Saturday, trainer Bruce Fenwick was loading tanbark into an all-terrain vehicle at the Tufton Avenue crossing between the second and third fences of the Maryland Hunt Cup.

2008: Edition of the Guinness Book of World Records in the door pocket of trainer Todd McKenna's truck at the Maryland Hunt Cup.