ST Publishing started with a steeplechase newspaper. Spring and fall, 1994-2012, we printed every other week, mailed copies to subscribers, loaded bundles of papers into our cars and hit the road for race meets, tack shops, sandwich stops and everything in between. Ink on our hands, ink on our car seats, plastic straps all over the place and (mostly) happy readers at each stop. Then came The Saratoga Special in 2001. We printed more often, but the model was the same – work hard, figure out how to get each edition into people's hands and repeat.

Now, of course, we can keep our hands cleaner and so can you but we haven't changed that much. We produce publications you can read online and/or in print (pending schedules, pandemics and other variables we haven't thought of). Most of them are here – The 2020 Special, The Saratoga Special (2007-2019), Steeplechase Times (2007-2012) and a few others listed under Miscellenous. We're working to complete the archives, but it's trickier than we thought given the conditions of some of our computer files and deep storage rooms in Fair Hill, and we'll keep you posted. 

In the meantime, you can read current editions online. Digital editions are PDFs, meaning you or your web browser will need to be able to open such files. Scroll, read, enjoy. See you at the races.

The Saratoga Special.

Custom Projects.

Steeplechase Times.

The 2020 Special.