Opinions - 2013 - 2015

I don't see enough horses. I don't write enough. Two problems I need to correct. I simply make more money selling horses than I do writing about horses. Not that I like the former more than I like the latter, but it's the simple truth of life at 45. Maybe it'll change some day. But, for now, it's reality.

I spent Tuesday morning with Demonstrative. I texted Richard Valentine and asked him what day Demonstrative was going to work for Far Hills. He said Tuesday.

I asked Annie to make Miles breakfast, pack his lunch, "I'm going to see a horse."

I saw the horse. I don't write "Stunner" very often. Succeed. Drosselmeyer. Royal Delta. Best Mate. Inglis Drever. Junior. Union Rags. Tacticus. A few others.

I wrote it on my program page when I saw Demonstrative at Virginia Fall in 2010. He was a stunner then, he's still a stunner. He returns to Far Hills, the sport's best, for the sixth consecutive season. A credit to him, a credit to his team.

I posted some photos on Facebook, a link to the story, a friend wrote, 'You're so lucky.' She's right.