In the Paddock

Well, that was February.

The shortest month of the year so fewer opportunities to get to that coveted 100-mile mark for the month, to get back on track toward the ultimate goal and stay healthy avoiding snow, slush, ice and puddle after puddle.

So how did it go? The tally for this runner came in at 66.9 – no rounding up, ever, and if anything one should always round down (training tip) – to make it 121.7 for the year. That’s an improvement from just under 55 in January but a far cry from the 222 miles racked up in January and February 2020, all logged before the pandemic.

But alas, improvement and 121.7 miles needed toward the 1,000-Mile Challenge presented by iRun Local. That’s 878.3 left for the final 10 months, only 87.8 per month. Only. Ha, ha.

Sean shot fired off an email this morning, noting our mileage totals to date:

TL: 121.7
SC: 123.2. 

Sean pushed his tally with a half marathon Sunday, at a solid pace and from the photos he sent, dodging plenty of water through the hills of Virginia.

I spotted his run Sunday, being lazy on the couch and scrolling through Strava. Partially motivated, I laced up my shoes and took what felt like an even lazier 4-mile stroll around town. Circular to Spring, across Nelson and onto Madison, between the quiet sales barns at Fasig-Tipton, left on East with the Oklahoma Training Track widening project in full view, right on Fifth, all the way past the Oklahoma and Oklahoma Annex barns, left on Henning, straight across Lake onto Eureka and down to the Spring Run Trail. Headed home from there, past 9 Miles East and the smell of fresh pizza on Excelsior and a final left on Circular.

Finishing that half must have felt good, and bad, all at the same time.

Like Sean always says, running is one of the things we do where you can go from feeling absolutely terrible to absolutely great in a matter of minutes.

Here’s hoping for more improvement in March, with longer days and (hopefully) warmer temperatures. So far so good, 9 miles in two days and relatively pain free. See you out there.


Update: I haven't forgotten about Joe, no way no how. He leads the way with 156 miles despite what he called a "terrible February." The trails are calling in Fair Hill and Joe is responding, already with 10.1 for March. Other friends and colleagues are in on the fun, including Paul Halloran and Jessica Paquette over in New England.

Paul sent this update: 
Rowing update from the “waters” of Boston (via Hydrow):
February - 130,951 meters rowed = 81.4 miles
251,438 meters = 156 miles.
On pace for 938 miles. Doable.

Jessica took to Twitter for her update - 101.2 miles for February:
"I was a little worried if I’d be able to stay on pace for 1000 miles on the year (@SaratogaTL) this month because February is both short and miserable weather wise, but... I’m pleased. Bring on spring."
Need gear? Hit up our friends at iRun Local on Broadway in Saratoga Springs.

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