In the Paddock

Nineteen days late but 100 miles in the books in the 1,000-Mile Challenge presented by iRun Local.

The milestone came late Friday morning on a 3.1-mile run in and around town, avoiding snow and ice, slush and slop from a steady but not terrible stretch of winter weather of late. My friend Megan Wordelmann turned me off 3-mile runs a year or so back, saying something like it wasn’t worth getting all geared up for such a short bit of work.

Sometimes, though, the 3-miler does just the trick. Megan would probably concede this point. She’s rational and agreeable enough regardless to humor someone (or me) if that’s all they did for the day.

Friday’s 3.1 – that’s a 5k if you’re scoring by that metric – pushed the yearly mileage to 101.5 or better than 10 percent. Aches and pains come with the century mark, but hopefully none that will derail the solid progress of February.

Like I always say, put the mileage in during the cold winter months so you’re in good enough shape to enjoy and get something out of the runs in the warmer months.

Here’s to the next 100. See you on the roads.


Do you know the presenting sponsor of our 1,000-Mile Challenge? Check out our friends at iRun Local on Broadway in Saratoga Springs.

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