In the Paddock

Writing about winter's arrival in the Northeast seems a bit clichéd. Alright, maybe not clichéd but perhaps a little too easy. Oh well.

The wind finally relented late yesterday afternoon, thankfully in time for the short walk home from the public library down Henry Street after an uneventful but surprisingly crowded monthly meeting with the Saratoga Stryders running club.

Successfully avoided temptation to stop in for a pint or two at the Henry Street Taproom, what with the college football national championship game on the tube and some cold cans of Union Craft Brewing's Duckpin brought from Maryland last week waiting in the fridge it turned out to be a wise move.

The same might not be said for tonight, after spending part of the afternoon watching what started as flurries and settled into a steady snowfall.

The other part of the afternoon was spent tooling around town running a few errands, not an altogether horrible endeavor considering the fairly decent aptitude of my fellow Northeast drivers.

Truth be told we've got about an inch of the fresh stuff through 5 p.m., just enough to be inconvenient to folks in nice clothes emerging from their offices on the way to the evening commute and not enough to really get pumped for wintertime activities like snowshoeing, skiing or sledding.

There is enough to use as an excuse to try and claim a spot by the fireplace at the aforementioned neighborhood pub.

Undoubtedly there will be competition for said spots, even on a Tuesday night.

Best get rolling.