In the Paddock

Three days in Maryland and five minutes reading Sean's blog post Friday got me thinking.

He remembers a mentor saying that races aren't won in April they're won in January.

Do we have races in the publishing world?

What about winners and losers?

Certainly some of you think all journalists are losers, or at least we act like losers. Sometimes I can't blame you because, well, journalists occasionally do act like losers.

But back to the topic.

Thursday night we wrapped up what's become the annual ST Summit. It's a summit because we come from our three points - Sean from Virginia, me from New York and Joe from down the road - and get ready for the year ahead. We meet, go to dinner, enjoy a pint or two in Newark, rest up and meet again.

We're a week into the year now and ready to get rolling. It's January and we're hoping to win the race for the year ahead.

The summit is a chance to go over old business and start new projects. We talk about horses, writing, Saratoga, this website, new projects, staff, office space, old bills we hope will get paid and everything in between. Sean condensed the notes from year's summit into four pages, which I think is a record.

What's on those pages?

Plenty and we hope to roll out some new stuff and get back to what we do best in the coming days, weeks and months.

First things first is a rededication to this website. We all enjoy writing and pledge to get back to it, cutting out some of the minutia in our lives to get back and contribute the best way we can to this great game.

So stay tuned and don't start looking at that calendar just yet, we're still a shade more than six months away from Opening Day at Saratoga.