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Contributions from managing editor and writer Tom Law.

370 to go

Three quarters down, one to go. Minus five days of course.

Playing favorites

Whitmore is my favorite horse.

RIP, Denise Steffanus

Sad news out of Central Kentucky this week with the passing of Denise Steffanus.

Double Bag

The following situation needs some explanation. Hopefully the story below does it justice. 

Derby Moment

Not all Derby moments are winning ones. Here’s one from the 2021 edition that will stick around a while.

Back on track

Racked up some decent mileage in March – fortunately relatively pain free – and got back on track for the 1,000-Mile Challenge presented by iRun Local.

Two in the books

Well, that was February.

Century Mark

Nineteen days late but 100 miles in the books in the 1,000-Mile Challenge presented by iRun Local.

Many miles to go

One month into the 1,000-Mile Challenge presented by iRun Local and a recurring theme pops up on every run.

iRun Local lends a hand

The miles don’t run themselves.

1,000-mile Challenge

Every year the goal stays the same. Get in better shape, put in 100 miles a month and make it 1,200 (or more) for the year.

Coach J.

We never called him The Big Unit.

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