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Fighting a development down the street. Middleburg Preserve. Isn't it ironic. A housing development named for exactly what it's destroying. 

Here's an excerpt from my 2 1/2-minute speech, er, plea, to the Board of Supervisors last week. 

We want an emergency zoning change in St. Louis, this is simply to right a wrong, to follow the 2019 comprehensive plan. This village cannot handle this type of development for all the reasons you’ll hear tonight – from water to infrastructure to tax implications to further exploitation of a, let’s face it, an historically poor community. Fix the zoning, we’re talking five or six properties and it’s over. 

We want Western Loudoun County to be protected. It’s finite. It’s running out. It’s the last bastion of natural beauty we have in this County. 

Every time I travel, people ask, ‘Where do you live? I say Western Loudoun County. Their eyes light up, they’ve been here or they’ve heard about it. They say, ‘Oh those dirt roads, those views, those horses, those General Stores and lately, even, those wineries.” It’s our job to protect and preserve what makes their eyes light up. It’s the open land, the fresh air, the stone walls, the dirt roads…It’s not another unnecessary, undesired housing development that further erodes what makes this place special. 

I’ve read in reports, St. Louis doesn’t need a park. Don’t you see…Western Loudoun County is the park. It’s all a park for the rest of the County. I see it every day – horse backers and bike riders, baby strollers and bird watchers, road runners and road hogs, weekend lovers and lifetime locals. It’s a park. Your Park. Our Park. 

And now, it is in your hands. Don’t pillage it. Protect it.


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