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Outrage and anger now giving way to pity and redemption in the sad, sordid Gordon Elliott saga, playing out on Twitter and other mediums.

Perhaps, that’s good, the ability to forgive and forget. Perhaps. I’m going to have a hard time doing either. 

And, yes, we've all made mistakes. This was a big one by Elliott and his cronies. And, yes, when you're a leader of a sport, you are judged publicicly, and perhaps, more severely. That's part of the job. 

If Thoroughbred racing here is any guide, then, Elliott will be suspended for some period, a fine will be levied, the horses still in his care will transfer into someone else’s name, they’ll continue to run and win, Elliott will lay low for a while and at some point, it will all be gently swept under the rug as he returns to his helm and life will go on as normal. That’s what happens here. Time will tell what happens there. 

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