The Inside Rail

Found this in the archives of The Saratoga Special. 2008.

It was strong then and still strong today. It’s the ending of a column about the 2008 Hall of Fame class, led by trainer Carl Nafzger.

“We have to get back to the horse. The horse. None of us would be here without the horse. Horses have taken me to the Hall of Fame. The horse is easy to train, it’s just hard to be patient. The horse is the reason we’re all here today. The horse brought us all together. Horses never lie. We might lie, we might kid ourselves, but the horses never lie,” Carl Nafzger said. “You take horses like Unbridled, we called him the Gentle Giant. Banshee Breeze, she would run on anything. You take Lady Joanne, named after a nice lady, you take Street Sense, he said ‘I’ll do my thing and I might change if Calvin asks me to.’ For all those horses that could and would and did give us so much of themselves, I could finish here, but I’ve still got to give you one guy that taught me so much about the Thoroughbred horse. He gave me the key to the racehorse. He said, ‘Keep them fat, keep ’em happy, work’ em a half-a-mile and they’ll win races for you.’ John Nerud. We’ve got to protect the horse, we’ve got to get back to the horse and we’ve got to make racing once again about the horse.”