The Inside Rail

Fog. Woke up at 5 in the morning and drove 45 minutes to Dulles Airport for a latte.

I like to drive, I always drive – Lexington, Aiken, Camden…I’ll do a down-and-back-turnaround in 24 hours, no problem. Occasionally, I change my mind and decide to fly...I can get work done on the plane, maybe take a nap, it’ll be easier. Then the fog rolls in and I wind up with a latte.

Yesterday, like someone turned a switch, fog overtook the airport and delayed my United flight to Charlotte. When they announced there would be a delay, we looked up and out the window and realized there was fog. I waited for a while, did the math (Motivational ran at 2:00) and went home. Well, after buying that latte.

At least there was a consolation prize as I wound up coaching third base for the Rookie League Cubs. Motivational lost. The Cubs won. Miles said I should have been more aggressive. I wasn’t sure if he meant with the trip to Charlotte or coaching third base. Maybe both.