The Inside Rail

And so it begins. The travel season. Up early this morning for a trip to Monkton to see some jumpers and flat horses train. Then to Aiken. Then to Camden. Then home. The Orange County Point-to-Point Sunday, hopefully, a showing of Two Gentlemen of Verona at the Hill School Theatre in between. At least, that’s what Miles expects. It is simply that time of year, when horses disperse and weekends are overbooked. I like it.

That was written early morning Thursday. Everything changed by mid morning Thursday. Rain derailed the trip to Aiken and Camden, which made it easy to get to Two Gentlemen of Verona Saturday night. Miles, Annie and I enjoyed front-row seats at the production at Hill School, put on by a group of young, vibrant actors from New York. They were brilliant in their performances and captivating during a chat afterward. Miles and I went back the next day for brunch and their readings of three one-act plays, and then hit Jamie and Amy Potter's Sunday evening concert series at Buchanan Hall in Upperville Sunday night.

Brilliant stuff, a much needed dose of art and culture.

Armed with a Sharpie and the Two Gentlemen of Verona program, Miles asked and received autographs from all the actors and with the same Sharpie and an album cover, asked and received autographs from all the singers in the band, Western Centuries. They wrote notes to him, short, inspiring words of wisdom, drew pictures and signed with flourish. Miles beamed. 

I asked the actors if they had any advice for parents and teachers, advice to help nurture the arts in our childen. Each one answered with insight and interest, I wish I taped their answers. "Expression, community, empathy, parental support..." Their thoughts ran the gamut and hopefully will help nurture the arts in my son.

Asked if he wanted to go to the point-to-point after the play, Miles, declined, "That just might be too much, Dad." He will appreciate horses but not be governed by them. 

I was fingerprinted last week at the local police station. Don’t worry, it was on the card with black print, which means ‘not in trouble,’ just needed my fingerprints for an owner's license. The policeman, who couldn't have been more helpful, asked a simple question about the horses. “Got a good one?” I did not give a simple answer. "Time will tell."

We ran Lilting at Camden Saturday, she finished sixth in her hurdle debut, time will tell if she’s a good one. Hopefully we’ll have action this weekend as the season begins to roar to life. Anybody know of any Shakespeare and Racing Festivals anywhere?

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